Maikel Beerens developed a methodology during his bio medical engineering education to design, manufacture and market Patient Specific Implants for the part replacement of the human skeleton. Graduated with highest distinction and congratulations of the exam commission and even honored to receive the technology awards for his thesis in 2006 (Eindhoven, NL). For the case study, serving as a guide through his thesis, Beerens used the Additive Manufacturing Technology (3D printing) for the first time worldwide as the production method of a titanium patient specific implant. This implant was implanted successfully into the patient which positioned the Maastricht University Medical Centre on the map as one of the pioneering groups in this field.

After his thesis, he continued working on this topic during his 3 years in a professional career within two EC funded 6th Framework Programme Projects Custom-Fit and Custom-IMD, developing new biomaterials and additive manufacturing technologies for Patient Specific Implants. During the first 2 years of this period he spent studying Biomedical Engineering Master in part time at the Catholic University Louvain, certificate based. After that Beerens founded Xilloc Medical, he is leading the starting-up of the company, as a young entrepreneur. He gained entrepreneurial experience trough the new venture creation course at the Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurship, Maastricht University and trough his start-up. The company is headed to revolutionize the implant industry with the fast and reliable production of patient specific implants to reconstruct the human skeleton. Xilloc Medical bridges the gap between surgeons and their patient specific solution by the use of an innovative online system and an experienced team with medical and technical specialists. Prominent players in the field of cranio-maxillofacial reconstruction have already claimed having patient specific implants right at their fingertips a revolution.

After his decision to become market leader in this field a medical production division emerged, making Xilloc the largest medical 3D printing factory in The Netherlands.

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